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Discover Toronto's Most Trusted Cannabis Dispensary

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A Little About Us

Rockwood cannabis is located in the Cliffcrest community and we are excited to be your new go-to Scarborough dispensary! Locally owned and operated, we support other local businesses and foster community growth. It’s no surprise we are fast becoming Toronto’s most trusted dispensary.

Our in house connoisseurs take their time to curate our cannabis menu, giving our customers the weed they want at the most affordable prices. 

We’re everything Toronto wants in a dispensary and more!

Our Products

Rockwood Cannabis has you covered. With a deep understanding of how and where our products come from, we work closely with licensed producers to offer a wide variety of product offerings.

A Fast Ordering Experience


We like to keep things hassle-free for our customers.

With express pick up available, browse our catalogue from the comfort of your own home and skip the lines when you buy your weed online.


Visiting Rockwood Cannabis in-store should be seamless, and our team does our utmost to keep it that way.

Enjoy a trip to our dispensary with designated customer parking, self-service options, and friendly service near you!


Choosing Rockwood Cannabis you should expect helpful insight from our experienced staff.

Consider our shop to be a no-judgment zone where you can shop without inhibitions or reservations.

Live Your Best Life

Everyone deserves better when it comes to their cannabis products. We incorporate that idea into Rockwood Cannabis’ mantra, and that’s why we’re fast becoming Toronto’s most trusted dispensary.

Quality matters to us. That’s why we take special time to curate our cannabis products. It helps us keep our products beneficial, our prices down, and our ability to offer great variety.

We’re everything Toronto wants in a dispensary and more.

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Explore Our Products

Dried and cured for your enjoyment, cannabis flower, most commonly known as ‘bud’, is the traditional roll-your-own consumption method. 

No time to roll? Have our in-house cannabis specialists show you our pre-packaged cannabis pre-rolls for you to enjoy in an instant. 

Not in the mood to smoke? Explore our full range of cannabis edibles and enjoy the benefits of smoking without the burn. 

Prefer a new school way to enjoy your cannabis? We have cartridges and vaporizers dedicated to the holistic consumption of cannabis, backed by the latest technologies.

Topicals are cannabis-infused, non-psychoactive products that you apply to your skin. Cannabis topicals activate the cannabinoid receptors when applied.

Cannabis oils are extracts from cannabis plants. But rather than extracting the THC, which is what produces the high associated with cannabis use, these oils solely contain the nutritional goodness of CBD products.

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